The mission of the Łutsel K’e Dene First Nation Council is: Sustainable development supporting healthy families, based on Denesoline beliefs and traditions.

In order to achieve this mission, the Łutsel K’e Dene First Nation Council will strive to achieve the following main goals:

  • Effective Dene governance, based on inherent right and Treaty 8 entitlement
  • Preservation of the traditional homeland, culture and language
  • Individual, family and community healing
  • Well educated and trained First Nation members
  • Sustainable economic development

While working to fulfill its mission, the Łutsel K’e Dene First Nation Council will:

  • Uphold all the bylaws and policies of theŁutsel K’e Dene First Nation
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the mission and goals of the organization
  • Demonstrate respect for members, councillors, individuals and agencies that deal with the Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation, and the land, water and traditions of the Łutsel K’e Dene
  • Be honest, fair and reliable in all Council dealings
  • Maintain a positive and cooperative attitude   

The Łutsel K’e Dene First Nations is made up of one Chief and six Councillors. In April of 2014 a band chief and council election was held and the following people make up the current leadership for the Łutsel K’e Dene First Nations:  

  • Chief Felix Lockhart
  • Councillors Adeline Jonasson, Herman Catholique, Adrian Nataway and Ron Fatte