Łutsel K’e (pronounced “Loot-sel-kay”) is located on Eats Arm of the Great Slave Lake. Until 1992, it was known as Snowdrift. The name means “place of the Lutsel (a small fish that today is known as a cisco).” The community started as a trading post in 1926. In 1960 the school was completed and most community members built homes around it at that time.

Approximately 380 people live in the community and the languages spoken are Denesoline and English. The community services include, a Co-op store, a community learning centre, a K-10 school, a healthcentre, RCMP department, church, post office, and a community hall. Although not accessible by road the community has year-round daily scheduled air service to and from Yellowknife which is 201 kilometers to the west of the community. An annual “sealift” from Hay River in the summer is used to ship heavy items like, building supplies, trucks,equipment and fuel.

The Łutsel K’e Dene First Nations (LKDFN) is the community government and Łutsel K’e is one of four First Nations within the Akaitcho Territorial Goverment. The LKDFN, serves all local goverment functions and it is dedicated to sustainable development, and promoting our culture and close relationship with the land.